Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Camel City BBQ Factory

Camel City BBQ is officially open for business now.  I referred to this place on facebook as "the Las Vegas of BBQ restaurants".  Need some convincing?

 Well, let's start with the labyrinth like layout. The building was once a former glass factory and many of the nooks and crannys were retained. There are 16,000 sqft to explore.  Every few steps you are met with a corner, a corridor, or  a wall. And you dont see it coming. The wall's are filled with nostalgic factory handles, custom metalwork art, or 80's movies posters.

There are 2 floors and a convention hall in the building.  Lunch and dinner available downstairs in the restaurant and food service available in the bar upstairs.   Once upstairs you gain access to the outdoor patio overlooking the Entertainment District and of course, the Game Room. There are no shortage of TVs to watch your favorite sports team on.  I predict this to be a hot spot this super bowl.

The game room boasts such classics as pac-man and galaga and at every booth in the bar area are game consoles, playable game consoles.  If digital isnt  your thing, head back to the game room and try your hand at Ski-ball, darts, or fooseball or a whole host of bar games.

The food?  did we mention the food yet?    On our first visit there, we opted not for the obvious bbq. We tried something a little further down on the menu. Kirsten had the Shepherd's Pie with a side of REAL mashed potatoes and i went with the smoked sausage and crinkle cut fries. We shared a plate of bbq topped cheese fries as an appetizer. Over all, it was a great experience.  The food was perfect, the atmosphere inviting and the staff was amazingly cheerful for a first shift.

I dont think words and pictures alone can do justice to the experience that is Camel City BBQ Factory. You simply have to be there and get lost in this theme park of a restaurant. 

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